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Does Your Company Have an Outdated 401(k) Plan?
Secure Act of 2019 Reduces
Complexity, Liability and Costs with 
New 401(k) Plan Option! 

As the business owner with a 401(k) plan, you are liable for everything in that plan - the investments, reporting, loans, oversight, regulation...everything!

Thanks to the SECURE Act of 2019, beginning in 2021, ALL employers can now access a new type of 401(k) plan to remove liability from you. Plus, offer a plan that is efficient, works for your employees, and is lower cost. 

Employers are burdened with a large - and growing - number of fiduciary liabilities. Many are not even know to the most conscientious employer - but known by every plaintiff's attorney!
Employees have been burdened with large (and frequently hidden) fees directly subtracting from their retirement nest egg, with limited and inadequate investment choices.

But there is good news, it IS possible to execute growth and success within your business while at the same time executing a plan to grow your personal wealth. 

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The MyInvst401k was created to serve a need for our existing clients. 

We consistently saw plans under $25 million just don't get the attention, service or pricing from major 401(k) providers. 

Our goal is to provide all of that for you AND reduce your liability.

I invite you to learn more. See if it's a right fit for you. We're happy to answer all your questions so you can make a well-informed decision. 

Click the link below to watch a short video showing you the ins and outs of the MyInvst401k. If you have further interest then fill out the application to schedule a no-obligation call with our team. 

You can also receive a FREE benchmarking analysis on your current plan.

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I know what that financial stress is like because I’ve been there. Even though my business was successful, all these issues continued to creep up. 

When I finally figured it out – it hit me like a ton of bricks! The Invst4Life Wealth Acceleration process was born, so I could share this little-known secret with you.

If you want to learn the strategies that I used to give myself peace of mind and solidify the growth of my business alongside my personal wealth, I put together a short webinar to spread these principles to all that might need them for FREE. Click the link below now to level up your financial strategy.

Since implementing this strategy for myself, I’ve been able to enjoy what I call the 4 freedoms:

How Do Finances Affect Your Employees?

Employees, Their Finances, and You...

    John Hancock 2019 Financial Stress Survey:

  • 51% of employee feel behind for retirement
  • ​50% of employees say they'd be more productive at work if they didn't have to worry about finances
  • ​Only 33% of employees consider themselves knowledgeable about basic financial concepts like debt and budgeting
  • ​Only 18% of employees feel confident making financial decisions

World-Class Financial Education

Employees get access to InvstIQ, a world-class financial education platform.

InvstIQ is an online education portal for employees to learn about their 401(k) and get answers to many commonly asked financial questions. 

There are complete DIY courses to create their own financial plan, teen finance, get out of debt and even how to deal with divorce. 

Plus, each employee has access to a real live financial advisor to help them with any financial question (not just their 401(k)).

My WSJ, USA Today and Amazon bestseller – Futurehack! - came out earlier this year.

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